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Supercharge Your Practice With Biogetica's Evidence-Based Natural Supplements

Please click here to Speak with one of our Doctors who can set you up to carry our precedent setting remedies which include state of the art nutraceuticals, organic and wild crafted herbs and the latest Bio-energetics from Germany.

You may also join our Agent of Change program here!

As you have probably noticed there is a strong global shift back towards natural medicine. It was estimated that in 2016, 20% of pharmaceutical spend was moved to natural medicine and that totaled up to 600 Billion Dollars annually. The factors driving this major shift were:

  1. Side effect free, safe efficacy for long-term management of chronic ailments
  2. Patient Opinions based on trends and the social media backlash against pharmaceuticals.
  3. Emerging evidence that supported the use of nature's medicines for management of chronic ailments
  4. No matter what their training, Doctors have found that supplementing their original discipline with natural medicines from these various traditions ultimately brings better results amongst patients which then has a cascading effect in referrals.

Many allopathic Doctors globally are already seeing an attrition of their customers and this is an unique opportunity to serve the changing needs of your patients moving forward. We are here to present to you a unique opportunity to supercharge your practice with Biogetica's evidence based natural remedies. Doctors the world over have already seen that integrating natural supplements and medicines into their practice leads to greater patient satisfaction and a preventative care focus, which changes the business dynamics of their clinical practice. Patients then come to you and take products advised by you both when well and when sick.

Biogetica is a global leader in evidence based natural supplements, Ayurveda and Resonance Homeopathy. We combine herbs, nutraceuticals and vibrational resonance homeopathics to bring balance across the physical, energetic and informational spheres of life. No single system of medicine is complete as life has molecular, energetic and informational components to it and every system is primarily molecular (allopathy), energetic (Ayurveda) or informational (Homeopathy). Every thought, action and emotion leads people to ease or disease. Biogetica weaves together learnings from Allopathy, Ayurveda, TCM and Homeopathy to bring balance across the physical, energetic, emotional and mental spheres of life. We also provide well researched diet and Meditation programs.

All Biogetica brand remedies are 100% natural and free from heavy metals and preservatives. Great care is taken to ensure assimilation and efficacy. All nutraceuticals are sourced from nature and great care is taken insure absorbtion and bio availability. All herbs are wild crafted or organically grown. Our resonance homeopathies are sourced from state of the art European labs and contain nosodes and sarcodes few homeopaths have access too. We not only provide the body with essential nutrients but also balance its terrain to absorb them and remind it of archetypical function which it then adapts to.

Our global supply chain is designed to serve Doctors in a manner few supplement or Pharmaceutical companies can. Within one pill or kit you may find Chondroitin from the sea plants of New Zealand combined with herbs from both India and the Amazon and resonance homeopathy from Europe. Each ingedient is carefully selected to insure highly potent bioactive ingredients. For example the Turmeric we bottle contains 95% curcumin and the Spirulina we bottle contains over 25% Phycocyanin coupled with Asthaxantin for assimilation. The difference this makes is that your prescriptions and suggestions will truly make a difference in your patients lives. This in turn helps you supercharge your practice to the point where one patient sends 10 more on average. We also have our Doctors online 24/7 to guide you in making the right choices for your patients so that you can always have assistance in picking the ideal products.

The proof of our methods is evident from the results seen in clinical trials and the change we have brought in individual lives.

Our Supercharge Your Practice program is designed to help you infuse health and wellness into your patients' lives in a flexible manner that suits you.

You may sign up for this program by visiting here.

Or place orders for your practice to carry certain products by using the Coupon Code "DRV"to get 35% off on each order.

Doctors signing up are responsible for determining which of the two programs meets the local laws in their country. We supply Doctors globally, and are supercharging practices and changing lives daily! Some countries allow Doctors to refer customers and others like India and USA only allow Doctors to Stock products themselves. Hence we offer both options. Either way we never circumvent our Doctors and take away their patients for the entire life of the relationship.

Once signed up you may:

  1. Carry the remedies in your clinic and hand them to patients directly. Please use the coupon code "DrV" to get 35% discount on the purchase which only Doctors offices are eligible for.
  2. Refer patients directly to your unique page on Biogetica e.g. Biogetica.com/DrJohn. All referrals will be tracked for the life cycle of the patient and you will be able to see the results of these referrals in real time by logging into your account. We will handle all payments, shipping and customer service while you can be rest assured that your patients are getting the highest quality supplements you recommended to them. This method is allowed in some countries and not in others so please check your local laws.

Biogetica has patented and non patented remedies across all categories and we encourage you to learn more by visiting www.biogetica.com

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We welcome you to the Biogetica Family of Doctors.