Can Tinnitus cause Vertigo? An Eye-Opening New study by Our Doctors!

  • August 16, 2017
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What is Tinnitus and Vertigo?

Tinnitus is a symptom that indicates an issue with the inner ear or a circulatory system disorder. A person suffering from tinnitus will hear a continuous buzz in his/ her ear even in the absence of a corresponding external sound. The sounds perceived can range from whining, screaming, hissing, roaring, whistling, chirping to clicking noises that never seem to cease. Moreover, the intensity of the sound varies and can be soft as a whistle or loud enough to be completely debilitating. Doctors suggest that this condition originates when there is a malfunction in the way auditory signals are processed.

On the other hand, vertigo is symptomsymptom that indicates issues with the brain, inner ear, labyrinth, or neck. It is characterized by a sense of motion or spinning and people diagnosed with vertigo often report that they feel as though they are actually spinning or moving, or that the world is spinning around them.

Both these symptoms are fairly common with statistics stating that Tinnitus affects an estimated 50 million adults in the U.S. Whereas, one recent large epidemiological study estimated that approximately 69 million Americans have experienced some form of vestibular dysfunction in their lifetime. Although, for many the condition is merely an annoyance; in some cases both tinnitus and vertigo can be severely debilitating adversely impacting the quality of living.

Can Tinnitus and Vertigo Occur Simultaneously?

Doctors at Biogetica have witnessed several clinical researches to understand the co-relation between Tinnitus and Vertigo. Dr Kamat, the lead Ayurvedic Medico of Biogetica states: “Tinnitus is caused when there is a pressure build up in the ear canals due to lith formation. These crystals on dislodging create disturbances in the fluid contained within the canals, which leads to vertigo” thus explaining that tinnitus and vertigo could be correlated. However, he states that both these conditions can occur independently too especially if the underlying cause is not related to an ear imbalance.

Is there a cure for Tinnitus and Vertigo?

Although there are several treatment options available, most of the drugs employed in these conditions either mask the symptoms or provide symptomatic relief. In fact, many a times patients experience overlapping symptoms, which only get treated at a superficial level and the root cause is often ignored.

Biogetica doctors on the other hand adopt natural healing mechanisms and formulate blends that work on addressing the root cause of the condition. Our multidisciplinary Freedom Kits imbue traditional ayurvedic herbs, advanced resonance homeopathy and ground breaking nutraceuticals designed from the molecule up to provide health and freedom to our patient community. The Biogetica Freedom Kit with OM 10 Formula for Ear Health blends ingredients that are meticulously researched and chosen to:

  • Specifically correct imbalances in the ear and improve the functioning of the auditory nerve, thereby reducing the incidence of perceived auditory perceptions
  •  Improve blood circulation and balance blood supply to the ears
  • Restore equilibrium in the inner ear
  • Balance the energy meridians and the central and peripheral nervous system

And our Freedom Kit with OM 10 VRT Formula is blended with ingredients that have properties which potentially benefit by:

  • Relieving symptoms of dizziness
  • Improving blood circulation, brain and ear function
  • Supporting the structure and functions of the brain
  • Improving oxygenation and tissue perfusion, thereby rejuvenating disordered cellular activities
  • Maintaining an optimum level of neurohormones and vitamins in your blood, thereby maintaining equilibrium in your body


Since Biogetica does not focus on only relieving manifested symptoms, our protocols are formulated with ingredients that are traditionally seen to benefit not only the target organs but also improve mechanisms and functions of the subsequent and related body appendages. So, you will notice that our protocols not only benefit the ear, but also regulate circulation, balance hormone levels, and improve brain morphology for comprehensive solutions.

All our ingredients have varying amounts of research done on them to determine their efficacy in the condition they are intended for. Some of the studies conducted in peer review journals have indicated the following:

  1. Ginkgo biloba

This herb has been reported to possess antioxidant, antiplatelet, antihypoxic, antiedemic, hemorrheologic( the scientific study of the deformation and flow properties of cellular and plasmatic components of blood), and microcirculatory properties, which make ginkgo potentially exhibit neuroprotective, cardioprotective, stress alleviating, and memory enhancing actions. Results of a multicenter randomized double-blinded trial reported that ginkgo improved the condition of all the 103 tinnitus patients during a 13-month treatment period, irrespective of the prognostic factor. 1


  1. Pycnogenol

This active bioconstituent extracted from the bark of the French maritime pine has been studied for its potential benefits in lowering blood sugar, improving hearing and sense of balance, boosting immunity, reducing inflammation, protecting the skin, increasing energy and enhancing functions of the male reproductive organs. Several clinical studies have verified the therapeutic benefits of pycnogenol. One of the studies highlighted that pycnogenol improved local microcirculation thereby correcting tinnitus and Meniere’s disease in 87% of the patients vs 35% that showed improvement from the control group. 2

  1. Ginger

This natural Ingredient is traditionally used for improving digestion, soothing gut irritation, alleviating stomach pain and cramps, easing nausea, dizziness and vomiting, protecting joints, tissues and cartilages, boosting cognitive and brain functions, rejuvenating nerve cells, enhancing immunity, and improving circulation and cardiac functions. A double-blind crossover placebo trial indicated that ginger significantly reduced vertigo better than the placebo. 3


These are just some of the other evidence based ingredients that we incorporate in our multidisciplinary kits to support auditory, circulatory, nervous, and brain functions. To know more about our health protocols or to get expert advice on any health related concern, please consult our doctors available 24/7 at now.



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