Biogetica’s Groundbreaking Study for a Herpes Cure is now Published in an International Medical Journal

  • August 4, 2017
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Biogetica’s relentless pursuit in finding clinically verified natural remedies for the herpes virus has finally yielded positive results. Research analysis on our unique, precedent setting and groundbreaking product Hyperisince has been published in the peer-reviewed International Journal of Research in Ayurveda and Pharmacy.

The Scientific Journal has just published our research study on Patient reported outcomes with Biogetica’s Hyperisince Formula. The results of this study have finally opened up the possibility of witnessing the healing mechanisms of herbal supplements in chronic infections like herpes, which have been considered incurable in the conventional systems of medicine. The Hyperisince study has shown that herbs can sometimes bring better and quicker results than any other popular medicine.

The study evaluated a total of 101 responses out of which 31 patients were infected with HSV-1, 48 had HSV-2 and 17 were infected with both the strains. Eighty eight (87.13%) patients had already tried other treatments with acyclovir being the most common previous treatment. 1

The Hyperisince® treatment study recorded the following results: 76% of the patients reported symptom relief stating that their duration of the herpes outbreak and nerve pain decreased considerably. Patients also reported decrease in frequency of symptoms. Overall, Hyperisince® was effective in relieving symptoms as well as nerve pain, and boosting immunity. The efficacy of Hyperisince® was more evident when it was used for over 4 months. Twenty one patients rated Hyperisince® 10 out of a maximum rating of 10 and 58 participants rated it ≥5.  Hyperisince® also reduced the likelihood of having another herpes outbreak, especially when consumed for 4 months or more. Most patients rated efficacy as ≥5 on a scale of 10. Again, efficacy of Hyperisince® was more pronounced when used for >4 months.

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Herpes Facts

Herpes Simplex is now considered to be the second most prevalent virus on earth after the common cold. Antiviral creams or drugs like Acyclovir, Valtrex, Sorivudine, Famivir and/or Denavir only treat Herpes symptomatically. In addition, these treatments are even associated with numerous debilitating side effects.

The reason why the herpes virus easily evades any treatment protocol is because of its ability to hide in the nerve ganglion and manifest only when the immune levels of the body drops.

Alarmingly, new research has shown that being infected with herpes triples ones chances of catching HIV and therefore finding a better and more effective protocol for containing the herpes virus is all the more crucial.

Biogetica’s Doctors Report the Findings of Their Precedent Setting Formulation- Hyperisince

The Doctors and Scientists dedicated to the mission of bringing nature back to medicine at Biogetica are pleased with the results of their Hyperisince study particularly as they’ve  never seen results like this for herpes. Almost all the patients reported that Hyperisince healed their outbreaks quicker than typical conventional medicines, reduced their relapses or eliminated them completely!

Hyperisince is a unique amalgamation of herbs including the clinically tested Hypericum mysorense. Our product is a precedent setting formulation because it incorporates an exclusive cellular delivery mechanism that potentially bypasses the viral envelope rendering the virus more susceptible to the body’s innate immune mechanism. The Indian Patent Office has also published Patent Number 808/MUM/2013 for Biogetica’s proprietary formulation- Hyperisince.

There is also a Patent Pending in USA that relates to the use of Hypericum mysorense in a particular combination as a Method of Treatment for Herpes and similar Patents have been applied for in India with application number 2016/2100/6257.

Hypericum mysorense belongs to the same genus as that of St John’s wort (family- hypericaceae). This herb made international headlines when Indian Scientists at the JSS school of Pharmacology claimed that they had found a “cure for herpes” after a very promising in vitro study they performed showed 100% suppression of the Herpes Simplex Virus.

However, Scientists and Doctors at Biogetica applied the results and formulated a precise delivery and inter cellular transport mechanism for the active molecules of the formulation containing Hypericum mysorense to penetrate the viral cell walls and initiate an immune response attacking the defenses of the virus.

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Biogetica has also received approval from the AYUSH department of Ayurvedic, Unani, Siddha and Homeopathic Medicine for its product as an Ayurvedic Treatment for the Management of Herpes Simplex.

It is truly great to see these advancements in the field of natural medicine with relation to the HSV viruses.

Biogetica has vowed to be with you every step of the way and is always studying and evolving protocols that help you on your journey towards health and freedom. Hyeprisince® is just a small step towards us realizing our goal in uplifting the lives of the ones who reach out to us. We hope that you will allow us to accompany you on your personal path to health and freedom that manifests each day!

To know more about our indigenous formulation- Hyperisince, our Immune boost protocols or to have any other health concern addressed by the experts, please visit today!



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