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Acne from a Holistic Perspective

Acne, more commonly known as pimples, is the last thing you want to see on your face as a surprise any given day, and yet there are some who wake up with acne daily. There are many products in the market that try to make business by selling some ‘short-cut’ cosmetic cream or lotion. They conveniently ignore that acne is an outcome of underlying hormonal and immune imbalances, or excessive heat in the body. One may try to supress acne through artificial means but the imbalance left unchecked is sure to manifest again. Our doctors believe that in order to holistically get rid of acne, you must address the root causes of the condition. They have formulated kits for acne that act at all levels of: balancing hormones, eliminating toxins, clearing scars, and boosting immunity. They combined the best of the natural ingredients our Earth has to offer so that you may regain glowing, smooth and unblemished skin. Everything else is just a temporary fix, and we don’t want you to get trapped in the vicious circle of acne’s occurrence and suppression.


Acne is a common skin disease that involves the sebaceous oil glands. It mainly occurs during adolescence and often develops into Adult Acne. The sebaceous oil glands are stimulated by the hormones secreted by the adrenal glands and hence acne involves the entire hormonal axis of an individual.

Your results may vary


Never Leave Your Acne Untreated Because it can Scar You for Life

Because of its propensity to leave behind scars leading to disfigurement, especially on very visible areas like face, acne may interfere with one's confidence and with the way one perceives oneself. It is found that there are some strains of bacteria that determine the severity and frequency of developing acne. However, it is usually never the bacteria alone, as there are systemic hormonal imbalances that contribute to zit formation. Acne can be inflammatory and non inflammatory. Types of Acne include: Comedones (blackheads and whiteheads), Papules (pinheads), Nodules (large papules) and Cysts.


How do I Treat my Acne?

Allopathic treatment for Acne includes Antibiotics. These Antibiotics relieve the condition by suppressing bacterial infections. However, many find that Acne usually resurfaces once the course of antibiotics is stopped. Furthermore, antibiotic-resistant bacteria are now a serious medical concern! Our Doctors do not consider antibiotics to be a cure for Acne, as they do little to solve the underlying hormonal imbalances and sebum production. Also, our Doctors have noticed that many Salicylic Acid based washes and creams only exacerbate the condition in the long run.


A thorough cleanse from within is essential for clear, glowing skin!


Biogetica's Precedent Setting Protocols That Work From Both the Inside and Outside!

Our Doctors firmly believe that a holistic approach targeted at all the root imbalances is essential to give you clear glowing skin. Anything else is just a temporary fix that will lead you to treat one zit after the next.


We at Biogetica, prefer a ground-breaking holistic approach to Acne which involves: **

  • Detoxifying your Blood
  • Boosting Immunity
  • Balancing sebum production
  • Balancing your entire endocrine axis
  • Clearing your skin of scars


Every major ingredient in every Biogetica kit has huge amounts of traditional use data from Ayurveda and Homeopathy and is supported by modern studies and trials.


Since homeopathy is the only recognized natural system of medicine in the USA, only our homeopathic products can be related to acne and the rest of the products in the kit can only be used for a glowing, flawless complexion.


As per the FTC Enforcement Policy Statement on Marketing Claims for OTC Homeopathic drugs, anyone selling homeopathy must state:

  • There is insufficient scientific evidence that homeopathy works, and
  • The product's claims are based only on theories of homeopathy from the 1700s that are not accepted by most modern medical experts.


However, we have dedicated our lives to Natural Healing and can vouch for what nature has to offer. We are with you in this every step of the way!


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Get moving on the road to healing today!

Acne is an inflammatory disease of your sebaceous glands (the oil-secreting glands) and hair follicles. Acne or pimples is considered to be a physiological and dermatological response to certain internal and external stimuli. It is most often triggered off around puberty, and tends to persist through adolescence. In certain cases, the problem gets very severe, leading to suppuration, i.e. the development of pus. It could leave acne scars that remain for a very long time, sometimes for life.


Types of Acne

Acne is classified as inflammatory and non-inflammatory.

Types of Acne include:

  • Acne Rosacea (red in color, is seen in older women and is vascular in origin and is not really a type of acne)
  • Acne Papulosa (small soft)
  • Acne Pustulosa (containing pus)
  • Acne Nodulosa (hard and nodular)
  • Acne Excoriee (with excoriation, more common in young emotional women)
  • Acne Conglomata (where multiple lesions conglomerate to form large indurated cicatrices, especially in adult men)
  • Acne Vulgaris (ugly looking with scars)


Causes of Acne:

  • Increased sebum secretion
  • Bacterial infection
  • Fungal infection by pityrosporum
  • Obstruction of the pilosebaceous duct due to hyperkeratinization or accumulation of foreign particles such as dust and dirt
  • Inflammation
  • Genetic predisposition
  • Hormonal imbalances
  • Stress
  • Ancient Ayurvedic texts also consider improper digestion and faulty food habits to be causative in many of the cases


Pathology of Acne

Acne develops in the following sequence of events:

  • Obstruction of the opening of the sebaceous duct leads to accumulation of oily secretions. 
  • These secretions mix up with other cells of the skin and form a nidus to attract bacteria and fungi, which are normally present on the skin. 
  • These organisms produce certain antigenic substances that evoke an inflammatory reaction, and the defense mechanisms get into play. 
  • A war between leucocytes and microbes ensues.
  • Pus is produced along with redness and swelling, due to congestion.
  • The subsequent production of certain chemical substances like prostaglandins results in pain.
  • If the contents of this sebaceous gland manage to open out via the duct, this produces a blackhead; the dark color being not of dirt, but due to exposure to air sometimes the gland simply remains distended, producing an elevation that is termed as a whitehead.


Signs and Symptoms of Acne

Acne is also commonly seen in males, even though it tends to remain longer in females. This is attributed to androgens or male hormones. In females, hormonal fluctuations during menarche, menstruation, pregnancy, etc are known to trigger acne production. Common sites for the appearance of acne include, the forehead, cheeks, chin, nape of the neck, upper-back, shoulders and chest.

It can be a part of seborrhea with seborrheic dermatitis, i.e. dandruff. The symptoms are usually comedones, which are plugged sebaceous glands that later form papules. Infection leads to pus formation and fibrotic changes in the glands, which can lead to scarring.

Acne is known to improve with age and seldom continues after the third decade of life.

However, in the case of acne rosacea, also sometimes known as adult acne, there tends to be persistent redness and flushing of the face accompanied by redness, dryness and burning of the eyes.

Cystic acne is a severe form of acne, and is characterized by the formation of cysts. Cystic acne tends to affect the face, back, shoulders and the upper-arms.

Drugs used in the mainstream treatment of acne are anti bacterial, anti fungal, and anti inflammatory in nature. Medicines for reducing sebum secretion are also prescribed. These formulations are available in the form of creams or pills for consumption. However, like many other drugs, some of these medicines have serious side effects.


In severe cases of acne, surgery or laser treatment is also recommended.


On the Other Hand...

Biogetica doctors firmly believe a holistic approach targeted at all the core imbalances is essential to address the root cause of your zits and regain healthy glowing blemish free skin.


Advanced Natural Therapies

Instead of simply suppressing the bacterial infection, natural remedies are traditionally believed to address your body’s underlying hormonal imbalances and sebum production.


Their action is geared towards restoring hormonal balance and also balancing the secretion of the glands below your skin's surface. Natural remedies comprise Ayurvedic herbal extracts (Sangpure Tablets), creams for local application (Topi Berberis Cream) and Resonance Homeopathy products (Ac-nee 200).


Our products potentially work by: **

  • Balancing your hormone levels
  • Cleansing your blood
  • Eliminating toxins from your skin's surface
  • Balancing sebum production
  • Reducing hypersensitivity to the causative factors
  • Protecting your skin from infections
  • Reducing the scars and promoting healthy blemish free skin


Besides, the latest psychoacoustic technology (Ac-nee soundscape) is also employed to send subliminal messages to the brain to influence positive changes in your body.


Every single ingredient in every Biogetica kit has huge amounts of traditional use data from Ayurveda and Homeopathy and is supported by modern studies and trials. However, people and governments today tend to have varying opinions and laws regarding natural supplements and complementary therapies. We, therefore, prefer not to make any claims but instead, point all Patients and Doctors to independent research and clinical studies that support their effects in a scientific manner. In some cases, we compare the results of these studies to those of pharmaceutical medicines, in order to show that natural products can provide just as much or may be more, when compared to drugs that often have side effects.


In order to present this information in an unbiased and up to date manner, we simply show you Google Scholar search results of all scientific articles available on a certain product or an ingredient. If you do so much as read the synopsis of the research, the choice becomes clear. You can read and compare the results of drug studies and the results of studies on which Biogetica relies. We support you in your right to know and choose drugs or natural alternatives! 


Research on Homeopathic Ingredients

  • Millefolium: Studies indicate that this extract possesses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that may help clear the skin.1
  • Sabina: Studies indicate that this homeopathic remedy may rejuvenate skin affected by harmful rays of the sun.2 
  • Phosphorus: Several clinical trials have shown that phosphorus potentially helps in improving skin health.3


Research on Herbal Ingredients

  • Picrorhiza kurroa: Studies indicate that this herb contains hepato-protective properties, which may help eliminate toxins present in the blood. It may also improve digestion and blood circulation resulting in clear and glowing skin.4


Research on Nutraceutical Ingredients

  • Turmeric (Curcuma longa): Studies indicate that this natural ingredient possesses immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and rejuvenating properties that may help clear the skin.8


The above independent research makes it clear that natural products have potentially shown to:

  • Reduce the likelihood of future Acne breakouts
  • Reduce scars
  • Clear the skin


Our kits combine all the above ingredients in one discreet package which will be delivered at your doorstep. Furthermore, each and every order is backed by our unconditional 90 day money back guarantee. If you are not completely amazed, you may return your products for a 100% refund of the purchase price.


CONSULT ONE OF BIOGETICA'S DOCTORS FOR FREE! You can also click directly on any one of the products to purchase it. Please don't delay, begin your healing journey today!

Biogetica’s mission is to provide you with integrated natural solutions that target root issues across the physical, energetic and informational spectrum of your life. Our Doctors research all possible ingredients and combine them synergistically into kits that are beyond any single medical tradition.


The proof of our methods is evident from the Groundbreaking results we have seen in independent clinical trials, and more importantly, in the lives we've helped uplift!


Biogetica's protocol includes ayurvedic herbs, resonance homeopathic formulations, along with Nutraceuticals and bio-energetic products that work synergistically to potentially restore hormonal balance and the natural secretions of your body and skin.


The natural acne products in our Biogetica's kits attempt to restore your glowing skin specifically by: **

  • Balancing your hormones
  • Cleansing your blood
  • Eliminating toxins from your skin's surface
  • Balancing sebum production
  • Reducing hypersensitivity to your triggering factors
  • Making your skin healthy and boosting immunity
  • Reducing scars and promoting healthy, glowing and blemish free skin

Recommended food

  • Eat plenty of organic, green leafy vegetables and fresh fruits. Increase essential fatty acids from flaxseeds, walnuts, almonds and other seeds and nuts. Essential fatty acids help balance hormones and reduce acne.
  • Ensure adequate hydration. Drink lots of fresh fruit juice (without sugar) and water to flush away the toxins.


Foods for Moderate Consumption

  • Lean meat, poultry, fish, eggs, millet, nuts and seeds, lentils, beans and fermented soy.


Foods to Avoid

  • Reduce/eliminate chocolates, caffeine and alcohol intake as both can affect hormone functions.
  • Completely avoid or limit fried foods and refined sugar.


Home Remedies

  • Make a paste of fresh coriander+mint+pinch of turmeric. Apply and leave for 15 minutes before rinsing. Do this atleast twice a week.
  • Drink 20 ml of Aloevera juice early in the morning on an empty stomach. This will help stimulate the liver and eliminate toxins from the blood.
  • Drink freshly squeezed carrot, beetroot and ginger juice to reduce inflammatory/cystic acne.(you may even add other pigmented fruits or vegetables available)
  • Paste of cinnamon powder prepared with few drops of fresh lime juice can be applied over pimples and blackheads.

Not sure if you believe in our natural products? We do, and are willing to back this up with a full refund. Try our Products Now! Our Unconditional 100 % Money Back Guarantee is Valid for 90 days.


Biogetica Money Back GuarenteeWe have a 100% money-back guarantee to support our firm belief in our products, and to build trust in customers who have been facing battles they thought would be lifelong! You may return the products within 90 days of your order date for a full refund of the purchase price if you feel they didn't work or alternatively request a free consultation and additional remedies. Our mission is fulfilled only when you are better. Hence, we stand by our customers and do what it takes to make you feel great! We can afford to do this because the customers who re-order or refer us to friends and family, are 20 times more than those who ask for a return. So, go ahead and give us a try. You'll be glad you did.

The Biogetica Approach

Biogetica is a collective of Drs and Holistic Healthcare practitioners dedicated to holistic healing, with evidence based natural remedies & advanced bio energetic therapies.

  •  Heal the entire being 

    Heal the entire being

    Biogetica has a unique and comprehensive Holographic model of healing which synthesizes all prevalent medicine systems to simultaneously ease physical, energetic, mental and emotional layers of your being. Our full spectrum approach works across the entire physical, energetic and informational spectrum of life. Totality is our Modality and we are always open to any tradition or treatment that will benefit you.

    Every thought, emotion, vibration or action leads to a series of chemical changes in the body. All ailments are a result of disharmony in the life force. Biogetica recognizes this and balances the ENTIRE BEING, bringing mind, body and soul into harmony, for lasting results. Treating an ailment on molecular level alone, seldom has a lasting effect as the untreated social, emotional, mental, spiritual and energetic patterns will cause the ailment to manifest once again on a physical plane.

    Holistic healing is necessary for lasting relief. Biogetica, therefore, uses Resonance Homeopathy to harmonize the entire being; flower essences to attune the mind; Ayurvedic, Amazonian, Tibetan and Chinese herbs to balance the energetic and the physiological manifestation of the five elements; and nutraceuticals to coordinate cellular nutrition. Our approach works across the spectrum of life to balance matter and energy whilst using archetypes of the undying spirit to remind the entropic physical body of its optimal functions. Each human is a child of immortality pre-programmed to perform a billion functions with a mind boggling precision that most science cannot comprehend. Each of our kits potentially provides specific nutrition needed for a particular function, the herbs in these kits balance the terrain of the body to make it conducive to that function and the vibrational therapies potentially help bring balance.

  •  Look for natural solutions 

    Look for natural solutions

    Our bodies are made of and supported by nature and therefore can only be healed by nature in the long term. Chemicals are often necessary for immediate change in an acute situation but tend to do the body more harm than good in the long run. Hence, Biogetica’s Doctors are dedicated to providing natural solutions that are supported by evidence and prior use. To us, the argument is fairly obvious: One would use wood to fix a desk made of wood or metal to fix a car made of metal, so why use chemicals to fix a body made of nature?

    Nature has blessed the Earth with natural medicines and healing mechanisms. It would be wise not to ignore them. The intelligence of nature is much greater than that of man. Unfortunately, man still focuses on chemical medicines, as they can be patented and sold for huge profits. Allopathic attempts to treat chronic ailments by interfering directly with the chemical processes using man-made substances, has essentially been a failure. We claim to be cracking the gene code, but we still can't cure a cold with man-made substances!!! Homeopathic and Naturopathic methods are never studied and verified by governing bodies, as there is no one who will spend millions obtaining an approval on herbs, knowing that they cannot be patented and sold exclusively by them.

  •  Appeal to the balancing forces inherent in all nature 

    Appeal to the balancing forces inherent in all nature

    Life cannot be recreated with chemical interactions and there is much more to life than molecular interactions. Our bodies are the most advanced pharmacies on the planet and millions of functions happen each minute with astounding precision. Biogetica therapies are designed to appeal to the balancing forces apparent in all nature by reminding and stimulating the body towards a certain function. The nutraceuticals in our kits provide specific nutrition for a function, the herbs in our kits balance the terrain of the body so that it is able to perform that function and the resonance homeopathics are designed to remind the body to be in resonance with that very function.

  •  From medication to meditation 

    From medication to meditation

    Good health and freedom involves every aspect of our being including diet, lifestyle, exercise, emotional states, thoughts and energetic patterns. Biogetica Drs have therefore designed diet, nutrition, exercise and meditation protocols specific to various life situations. We encourage you to actively partake in these for best results.

Evidence Based Natural Solutions

Biogetica's mission is to heal the people of this globe with evidence based natural remedies and thereby once again give nature's medicines the respect they deserve.


Nutraceuticals and natural supplements in our acne kits may help detoxify the blood and liver in a patient suffering from Acne**


Herbs in our kits have been used in Ayurveda for centuries for their skin cleansing, anti-microbial and skin repairing qualities.**

Our breakthrough Acne kits combine supplements, herbs and advanced homeopathy to give you clear glowing skin.


Advanced resonance homeopathies in our kits are traditionally believed to address acne by balancing the entire hormonal axis and sebum production.

Ingredients have demonstrated blood cleansing and liver detoxification properties


  • Turmeric (Curcuma longa): Studies indicate that this natural ingredient possesses immune boosting, anti-inflammatory, anti-microbial, and rejuvenating properties that may help clear the skin.

Ingredients have demonstrated skin cleansing, anti-bacterial, anti-inflammatory and skin repair properties


  • Picrorhiza kurroa: Studies indicate that this herb contains hepato-protective properties, which may help eliminate toxins present in the blood. It may also improve digestion and blood circulation resulting in clear and glowing skin.

  • Saussurea lappa (Kustha): Studies have reported that this herb may help make your skin radiant, clear and glowing.

  • Bombax Malabarica (Shalmali): Studies suggest that this herb may help in renewal of skin cells and remove blemishes.

  • Anantmool (Hemidesmus indicus): Studies have highlighted that this herb may help in removing free radicals to give you radiant and flawless skin.
Resonance Homeopathy

Ingredients have demonstrated sebum and hormone balancing qualities and are traditionally used for Acne


  • Millefolium: Studies indicate that this extract possesses anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties that may help clear the skin.

  • Sabina: Studies indicate that this homeopathic remedy may rejuvenate skin affected by harmful rays of the sun.

  • Phosphorus: Several clinical trials have shown that phosphorus potentially helps in improving skin health.


See what our existing Customers have to say about these productsResults may vary from individual to individualTestimonials for this ailment have been intentionally hidden as testimonials claiming a cure or treatment are not permitted as per law regardless of their authenticity.

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