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Our ability to see is one of the most valuable assets that we possess. A clear vision makes this world a beautiful place to live in. We need healthy eyesight to perform our daily activities like reading, watching television, internet surfing, driving etc. However, many of us suffer from vision defects, which can be due to reasons ranging from hereditary, environmental influences, aging, improper nutrition, to the free–radical damage leading to disease caused by our fast- pace lifestyle. The full spectrum of functions, concerning the eyes has physical, energetic and informational components to it. We bring balance across the molecular, energetic and informational aspects of vision understanding well that life isn’t merely about molecules. Not only does your body need certain molecules it also needs energetic balance and informational reminders of optimal functioning. Biogetica understands the importance of healthy, clear and sharp eyesight and brings to you natural remedies that potentially help rejuvenate, strengthen, maintain and keep your vision in check.

  • Ruta graveolens and Natrum muriaticum.-Studies suggest that these Homeopathic remedies have proved beneficial in relieving pain and tiredness in the eyes.
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  • Euphrasia: Studies suggest that this Advanced Resonance Homeopathic remedy may relieve redness, pain and inflammation of the eyes and also stop watery discharge
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  • Vitamin C: Studies suggest that this nutraceutical may reduce the corneal opacity that occurs due to metabolic disorders, old age, diabetes or gouty conditions.
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It is a bioregulator that is believed to maintain a healthy ocular system by preventing oxidative stress that could damage the organ. It is also believed to optimize blood circulation and flow of nutrients to help the visual organs function properly.

    Rs. 3112.31

    It is traditionally believed to reduce corneal opacity caused due to metabolic disorders, old age, diabetes or gouty conditions. It helps in reducing inflammation and relaxes the eyes.

      Rs. 1842.35
      60 gélules (550 mg).

      Reginat is a natural supplementary product that is believed to activate the regulatory responses to natural degenerative disorders. It is believed provide information for immune regulation and stabilize oxidative reaction in degenerative processes.

      Peut être utile pour promouvoir la régulation des cellules et des tissus dans les maladies chroniques associées à un désordre cellulaire.


      HoloRam Reginat est considéré comme un activateur de la réponse réglementaire aux troubles dégénératifs naturels. On pense qu'il favorise la réorganisation de l'énergie et la régulation de la polarité et de la perméabilité des membranes. On pense que cette formulation aide à la restructuration des troubles chromosomiques, des anomalies mitochondriales et de la reconnaissance des tissus. Il peut également fournir des informations pour la régulation immunitaire et stabiliser la réaction oxydative dans les processus dégénératifs.

      On croit promouvoir:

      • Bio-régulation nutritionnelle de la matrice cellulaire, de la membrane cellulaire et du transfert d'énergie mitochondrial.
      • Activation des propriétés antioxydantes naturelles de la cellule.
      • Équilibre du système immunitaire.
      • La combinaison précise d'acides aminés et de minéraux pour faciliter l'induction de la bio-régulation génomique.

      • Group I. Activated micro-nutrients: Citrus bioflavonoid complex (> 50% total flavonoids as hesperidin) 10 mg Reduced l-glutathione (GSH) 0.5 mg Superoxide dismutase (> 50 u/g) 0.5 mg Sodium hyaluronate 2.5 mg.
      • Champignons du Groupe II: Reishi (Ganodermalucidum, champignon entier,> 20% de polysaccharides) 50 mg
      • Groupe III Extraits de plantes: extrait de curcuma (Curcuma longa l., Rhizome> 95% curcumine) 100 mg Extrait sec thé vert (Theasinensis L. Kuntze, feuille,> 20% polyphénols totaux) 75 mg en poudre Calendula (Calendula officinalis> 0.9% de flavonoïdes totaux) 45 mg Fucus (extrait sec de Fucus vesiculosus l., Talo,> 0.05% d'iode) 35 mg Chélidoine en poudre (Chelidoniummajus, parties aériennes> 8%) ) 30 mg de quercétine (Sophora japonica L. fleur,> 95%) 10 mg.
      • Acides aminés du groupe IV: L-sérine 25 mg, L-arginine 20 mg, S-adénosyl L-méthionine (SAMe) 5 mg
      • Group V Vitamins and minerals: Magnesium gluconate (5.86% magnesium) 35 mg Tricalcium phosphate (38,76% calcium, 19.97% phosphorus) 5 mg Vitamin B12 (cyanocobalamin) 1.25 micrograms Vitamin B2 (riboflavin) 0.7 mg.

      1 ou 2 gélules par jour, avant le petit-déjeuner et le dîner ou selon les directives de votre médecin.

      Rs. 1842.35

      It is a combination of advanced resonance homeopathic remedies and is prescribed for all retinal irregularities. It is traditionally believed to strengthen the optic nerves and provides the body with bio-energetic information on optimal retinal function.

      Cones, Cranial Nerve 2 (Optic), Rods, Retina, Retinene.

      All Retina irregularities. Use frequently when problems are first felt.
      Napthalinum, Gelsemium, Phos are 3 remedies which work on the Retina.
      These and OM 30 mai be used with this remedy

      Base 10Base 44Base 336
      145 51 15 20 205 8 3 1 8

      Bioenergetic Impressions of:

      Cones, Cranial Nerve 2 (Optic), Rods, Retina, Retinene.

      Rs. 1842.35