Symptoms of illness Anxiety Disorder

  • November 14, 2016
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Symptoms of illness Anxiety Disorder

Illness anxiety disorder is a health problem in which a person worries too much that he/she will become seriously ill. There are no physical symptoms. Some people may have minor symptoms and they believe that these are the symptoms of severe illness. All medical tests are normal.

People suffering from any kind of medical condition may have this kind of worry. There is excessive anxiety and a minor symptom also seems to be an indication of much greater illness. This results in severe distress.

It is a long term disorder and may vary in severity. It increases with age and during mental stress.

What are the main symptoms of illness anxiety disorder?

  • There is a preoccupied thought of being seriously ill or getting a serious illness
  • Always worrying that minor symptoms can be the indications of serious illness
  • Getting no assurance from negative test results
  • Worrying that you may also suffer from a particular medical condition that runs in your family
  • It is difficult for your body to function normally due to excessive worrying
  • Making frequent appointments with the doctor to check about any serious illness
  • Avoiding going out and meeting people due to fear of catching a serious illness
  • Constantly talking about his/her health
  • Frequently searching the web to find out causes of different symptoms and possible health problems

Factors associated with illness anxiety disorder

There are different factors that may be associated with this disorder:

  • Excessive worrying may frustrate other family members and can cause relationship problems
  • A person may remain absent from work
  • A person may face problems in performing daily living activities
  • Financial crises due to excessive visits to health institutions and getting different tests done
  • It may result in other health disorders such as personality disorder and depression.


Psychotherapy is an effective therapy. It helps to manage and deal with this disorder. It can be provided to a group of people suffering from this problem or to an individual. It is a useful therapy because:

  • It helps to identify fears and beliefs of having a serious medical health problem
  • It helps to learn alternate ways to view body sensation by working to change unusual thoughts
  • It helps you to become aware of how your worries can produce a negative impact on your health
  • It helps to change your way of thinking and response to your body sensations
  • Helps to learn ways to cope with anxiety and stress
  • Improve daily living activities and help you to perform better at home and work


Antidepressants are prescribed by the doctors. In the long run, these may produce harmful effects on the body.

Advanced Natural Protocol

Modern sciences suggest an underlying cause for illness anxiety disorder. Holistic doctors believe that the main cause of any mental disorder is lack of energy in the body. Thus, the root cause of the problem is energetic and not physical. Thus, herbs, supplements, Homeopathy, and Ayurveda are all believed to help balance your energy. A combination of products can help you get back to health. Work with a holistic doctor to discuss about your concerns. Avoid visiting multiple doctors or emergency rooms to make it difficult to cope up with the condition. You can adopt different natural ways such as exercise, meditation, etc. to manage your worries.

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