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Bio - Protection de terrain

Information on Resonator Pendants and How they work?

Biogetica is thrilled to present the Resonam, Resonam+ and Resolife protective Resonator Pendants!

Resonam and Resolife are advanced bio-resonators, designed to enhance and protect the human bio field.

Qu'est-ce qu'un champ de bio-énergie?

The human biofield is formed by the bioplasma, which is an activated electronic state. In addition, it is formed by the acupuncture meridian systems described by Traditional Chinese Medicine, the nadis, and the energy centers or chakras described in Traditional Hindu Medicine.

Nous vivons dans un océan d'énergie. Tout, y compris notre corps, est composé d’énergie. Les fréquences de cette énergie peuvent être notées dans les enregistrements de rythmes biologiques tels que les électroencéphalogrammes et les électrocardiogrammes. Ces champs de bioénergie de notre corps sont en contact constant avec les différents champs d’énergie existant dans l’univers.

All health disorders are a result of disharmony in the intrinsic frequencies of the body due to interferences from external sources like radiation and intense emotional states.

Presenting the Resonam and Resolife pendants!

Resonam and Resolife are advanced bio feedback devices. These beautiful pendants harmonize hertzian and non hertzian frequencies in the bio energy field and protect one from electromagnetic and high frequency radiations. The following features make Resolife and Resonam potentially effective protectors and harmonizer devices, as they:

  • Favor natural protection against the whole range of electromagnetic radiations which is potentially harming, including cosmic and telluric radiations. Thus, they are said to reinforce resistance of the bio energy field to protect against the harmful effects of cell phone radiation, radio wave radiation and radiation from other devices such as microwave ovens, power lines and computers.
  • Contribute to generate a self-protection field against high frequency radiations, which disturb the emotional and mental fields that include emissions of negative emotions and feelings, both personal and interpersonal.
  • Activate the protection of the biofield’s own energetic network with regards to the cosmic and local telluric energies
  • Activate and amplify self-reparation and attachment systems of the biofield’s energetic network. This biofield is the complex field of organization of the energies inside and surrounding the body, which determines every moment the type of signals that it can emit and receive. The biofield’s condition determines the quality of communications between cells, tissues, and different organism systems, as well as the quality of its communication with the environment.

Benefits of the Resonator Pendants

These advanced biofield influencing pendants potentially: **

  • Favor the harmonic balance of the biofield or energetic field, which interpenetrates and surrounds the body, helping it to restore its adaptation to the environmental electromagnetic fields.
  • Help to restore the biological natural processes that protect from leakage, blockage, and oscillations of the energetic biofield, which are in the genesis of many diseases.
  • Contribute to improve vitality, concentration, memory, and the ability to adapt to situations in which a high physic and psychic demand is required and in environments where there is a high electromagnetic pollution.
  • Promote the physiological regulation of the immune system, reducing the tendency to present repeated infections.
  • Ease biological processes, which maintain small blood vessels permeability and blood fluidity, essential for good cell, tissue, and organ oxygenation.
  • Reduce the tendency to headache and insomnia, associated with the frequent or prolonged use of mobile phones, computers, and other transmitters of electromagnetic radiation.
  • Contribute to reduce anxiety and stabilize the nervous system, facilitating self control, and serenity. It promotes physiological sleep and decreases the tendency to fatigue.
  • Contribute to improve musculoskeletal health, and ease premenstrual tension syndrome and bad temper related with a deficiency in the production of mitochondrial energy.
  • Improve the physiological response to jet-lag and reduce recovery time when we are subject to frequent and prolonged flights.
  • Promote emotional stability.
  • Boost energy and mental capacity, especially under conditions of physical or psychic pressure.

The Resonam , Resolife and Resonam Plus pendants are designed to achieve this by:

  • Utiliser un alliage métallique spécial qui libère des électrons et des photons pour charger le bio-champ et fournir des informations sur les états optimaux.
  • Utilisation de l'effet Casimir pour stimuler les processus du corps afin qu'ils restent harmonisés à tout moment
  • Utiliser les nanotechnologies pour transférer des informations haute fréquence
  • Utilisation d'ondes scalaires et de champs d'énergie du point zéro pour se protéger des effets nocifs des radiations nocives mobiles et autres
  • Utilisation de géométries sacrées découpées au laser pour amplifier le champ magnétique du cœur, synchronisant ainsi le corps avec l'univers

Resolife and Resonam specially contribute to biofield protection against cosmic and telluric radiation, and high disrupting frequencies of the emotional field, coming from disharmonic interpersonal relationships after a couple of days or weeks of carrying it with you. Resolife Jewel also actuates an ostensible improvement of energy balance, sleep quality and adaptation to stress. This may result in a higher level of vitality, serenity, self-control, attention, memory, and mental clarity.

Mechanism of Action of the Pendants

Atoms, molecules, cells, and organism tissues have their own normal spectra of emission which can be disturbed and messed up by environmental electromagnetic noise, including telluric radiation, cosmic radiation, and high frequency energy fields. These disturbances can hinder the organisms’ complex functions with an increase in energy consumption and stress levels, inflammation and immune alterations that overload and fatigue the adaptive systems of the organism.

Research on the subject tells us for example that exposure to microwave radiation from baby monitors, cordless phones, mobile phones, Wi-Fi routers, smart meters and other wireless devices can cause a dysfunction in cellular energy generation by damage in mitochondria, induced by the increase in the production of free radicals.

The biofield harmonizer effect induced by Resolife and Resonam is based on the amplification and reflection of one’s own biological emissions which start from bio-resonance and therapy with its own oscillations. It also expresses a resonance effect with the quantum field, created by the use of reflective magnetic plates. This effect has been named by physicists as the Casimir effect, in honor of its discoverer. The deep impression of the "Sri yantra" and "Flower of life" mandalas on the magnetic and reflective metal alloy, acts as harmonizer of the polarities of the biological field. The natural vibrations of this vital energy field go into harmonic resonance with the information contained between the two metal plates of Resolife, which have been sealed with a hydraulic press to guarantee its stability and to avoid contamination.

Resolife & Resonam have been specially designed to allow the organism to recognize and adjust its emission spectrum and optimize its adaptation to the environmental magnetic field conditions. The resonance between the emissions of the biofield and the resonators contribute to the homeostasis or dynamic balance of the different biological systems, which synchronize for an optimal functioning. Its structure and composition have been specially adapted to favor self-repair of biological signal conduction systems. This helps to eliminate energy blockages, oscillations and leaks, permitting in this way an optimal processing of the surroundings’ vibrations.

The pendants are currently being studied for performance enhancement in professional Athletes and we expect many professional Athletes to start using Resonam+ and Resolife when the results hit popular media.

Decades of work by the Sintergetica school of Medicine, Scientists and Healers like Peter Lindemann and Rupert Sheldrake, has culminated into a comprehensive model for regeneration, strengthening and harmonization of the bio energy field.

How do you Gain the Benefits of the Pendants?

The Resonam+ and Resolife pendants are beautiful and energetically charged pieces of jewelry that can be worn around the neck by both men and women. Its effects can be witnessed by holding it between the palms for a few minutes and noticing the balancing energy generated by it.

Note: "DO NOT WET" the Pendant

Presently, we have following versions of the Resonam and Resolife Pendants:

  1. Second Generation Resonam Plus, which contains additional regenerative factors. It is smaller and more compact in terms of design and made to look like an elegant piece of jewelry that does what no other piece of jewelry can do.

    Prix de vente - 189 $

    En stock

  2. First Generation Resonam which is almost identical in function but more basic in looks and larger in size.

    Prix de vente - 89 $

    En stock

  3. 3rd Generation State of the art Resolife Pendant, which represents our latest and greatest achievement in the field of Biofield protection and enhancement. This 3rd generation Resolife offers the best protection and repair and also works to enhance the biofield in a manner that nothing else can. Resonam is designed to protect the biofield, while Resolife is designed to also have a potential repairing effect of the biofield when its structure is altered. They are both designed to protect and amplify the biofield’s energy, but Resolife also provides information for the biofield’s regeneration when its organization pattern is altered. As for its mechanism of action, Resolife Jewel has a larger spectrum of action than other well-known biofield protectors, as its composition includes resonators to reestablish the order pattern and the biofield’s spectrum of harmonic resonance.

    Prix de vente - 218 $

    En stock

Resolife and Resonam are not medical devices. The information presented here is for information and guidance purposes only. This content is not intended to be a substitute for professional medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment. Always seek the advice of your physician or other qualified health providers with any questions you may have regarding a medical condition.

In the Ayurvedic and Homeopathic traditions it has long been known that the subtle precedes the gross. That changes happen first in the energy field before molecular alterations.

To some of us the words bio field and energy body mean a lot and to others, nothing at all. For some the energy body is a part of our experience and for others it is merely the belief system of some.

This product is initially for the first lot. The ones who sense that there is energy around them and moving through them. The product itself may help all, but we rather start with the ones who can hold it in their hand and know what its about without a doubt.

The pendant is to be worn around the neck on a string. It comes in box and the string is not included. I could write pages about how amazing these devices are and what a difference they have made in my life and work. This, however, may lead to some trouble, as governments and obsolete scientists don't accept the words energy body, meridians and chakras, especially if those are linked to words they accept such as immunity and happiness.

Some of you, who have attended our healing sessions across the world have experienced the sensations of RAMS first hand, as I tend to use them in healing sessions a lot. They go way beyond electro magnetics and scalar fields, and in my opinion make other such devices seem like a childlike play, for dealing only with the electro magnetic spectrum of the soul and its frequencies.

We have limited quantities of Resonam+ available presently. If you belong to the aforementioned energy sensitive lot, you may go ahead and order one. Soon more will be available and by then we should also have outcomes of tests conducted on professional athletes with them. Then we can hopefully claim a whole lot more in terms of measurable differences in athletic performance and benefits to the body. Meanwhile I do believe that the meditating sub section of our customers will instantly feel a difference in wearing them and immediately sense their worth.

Do get back to us about your experiences with them.

Resonam+ Test Results

An Independent study was conducted by XMGathletics for testing strength, muscular endurance, flexibility and balance. The initial tests were conducted on the 20th of August and the subjects were asked to wear the Resonam+ pendant for maximum possible time till the retest. The retests on septembre 10 to septembre 12 revealed the following results:

Subject group: High school Children {16/18 years}, well trained distance Runners who undertook similar training during the period between the initial testing and the post intervention (Resonam) testing.

Amélioration moyenne (par test)TotalGarçonsFilles
Push-ups en 60 secondes.17.08%17.66%15.06%
Sit-ups dans 60 secs./hand-knees12.75%11.20%18.17%
Hop Test - 25 m sur chaque jambe8.55%21.45%6.25%
Saut large debout5.86%5.62%5.81%
Sit & reach (12 "case; critère)8.51%8.74%6.94%
Solde 10 pas à pas8.07%17.18%15.49%
Amélioration moyenne (globale / groupe)10.14%13.64%11.29%

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NOTE: Testimonials claiming a cure or treatment or mentioning a particular ailment can no longer be associated with health products in the US of A. Hence, in compliance with the law, Biogetica is no longer able to show you most of the thousands of letters we have received from patients over the years that mention an ailment name or the words treatment or cure. However we still encourage you to keep uploading your individual stories of healing to you tube and other such social channels. It is well within your freedom of speech rights to do so. However, we can no longer host such stories on our site in order to comply with the present law.

Nous mesurons notre succès dans les vies améliorées, alors gardez les commentaires et les témoignages à venir. Vous trouverez ci-dessous quelques articles récents sur notre page Facebook liés à cette catégorie.