How Much Should I Weigh For My Height And Age?

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Wondering how much you should weigh for your height and age? There is no perfect formula to find the optimum body weight. In fact, people are healthy at a variety of weights, shapes, and sizes. Here’s how to refer to your height to weight chart, BMI calculator, and tips to naturally keep your body fit. Read on!

What Is Body Mass Index (BMI)?

Body Mass Index is a measurement of a person’s weight with respect to the height. It is a general used indicator for one’s total body fat. It means that as the BMI score increases, the total body fat also increases. According to the WHO, the BMI is said to be normal in the range of 18.5 to 24.9, it is said to be overweight if the BMI is 30 or more and it is considered to be underweight if the BMI is below 18.5 . BMI is calculated by the use of mathematical formulas. The formula is as follows – 

BMI = Weight (inKilograms) divided by Height (in metre square ).

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What Is Waist to Hip Ratio (WHR)?

Waist Hip ratio measures the ratio of your waist circumference to your hip circumference. This ratio determines the amount of fat stored in the buttocks, hip and waist. The people who store more fat around this section are more prone to heart diseases, diabetes. According to the WHO, the healthy WHR is:

  • 0.9 or less in men.
  • 0.85 or less in women.

In both men and women when the WHR increases by 1.0 it is considered to be overweight.

The Waist hip ratio Chart is as follows –

Health risk Women Men
Low 0.80 or lower 0.95 or lower
Moderate 0.81–0.85 0.96–1.0
High 0.86 or higher 1.0 or higher

The WHR is calculated by dividing your waist circumference by your hip circumference.

What Is Waist To Height Ratio?

The waist Height ratio is used to know the shape of your body, waist and height measurements. This ratio is a good assessment tool to rule out cardiometabolic risks. It is also used as an indicator for obesity, heart disease, diabetes, stroke and hypertension. Men and women must keep their waist circumference, not more than half their height.

How To Measure Body Fat?

Some of the methods used to calculate the Body fat are as follows –

  • Dual energy X ray absorptiometry
  • Hydrostatic weighing
  • Air displacement plethysmography (bod pod)
  • 3D body scanners.
  • Skin fold callipers – this is a popular method used.

Ideal Body fat percentage for women is:



20-39 21-32%
40-59 23-33%
60-79 24-35%

Ideal body fat percentage for men is:

Age Percentage
20-39 8-19%
40-59 11-21%
60-79 13-24%


What Is Obesity? And What Causes It?

Obesity can be defined as the excess deposition of adipose tissue. BMI is used to calculate the body fat. The main cause of obesity is faulty eating habits and metabolic disturbances. The incidence of obesity increases with the age. To know more about obesity and get a free consultation from the doctor please link on or visit

Causes Of Obesity 

Here are the following causes of obesity:

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How To Keep Your Body Fit Naturally?

There are various ways to do exercises at home to keep you fit without spending expenses on the gym. 

  • Cleanse your bodyDetoxify your body by eating healthy food and fresh fruits and cut down on spices. This helps to purify your blood streams. 
  • Exercise daily – Indulge yourself into daily exercise. This can bring positivity, healing energy and help your body to get fit. Ideally, 30 minutes of daily exercise is essential to stay fit. Exercising helps to manage the stress, hormonal imbalances and also your weight.

  • Maintain a healthy sleeping pattern – Practice on getting a dedicated sleep time to cover the 8 to 10 hours of sleep pattern daily. This helps to rejuvenate your body and recharge from the daily stress.
  • Address your emotions – It is important to recognise what your heart, body and mind tells you. If these emotions aren’t addressed well then they become the reason for anxiety, stress and depression. These all conditions contribute to the unhealthy conditions. Listening to music, talking to friends, meditation helps in finding solutions for emotional healing.
  • Probiotics – Use of probiotics is also helpful to keep you fit naturally. Healthy gut is equally important for healthy life. 
  • Drink more water – Our body needs proper hydration throughout the day. Drinking at least 16 glasses of water a day is essential to maintain healthy digestive systems.

Natural Treatment For Obesity 

Natural remedies for obesity include the combination of Resonance Homeopathy, Ayurveda and dietary supplements. All these natural supplements are believed to stimulate the metabolic processes that help to burn fat naturally, they also prevent in storing the excess fat globules.

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Here are some of the natural ingredients which show good results in obesity are as:

  • Phytollaca – studies suggest that this natural remedy is believed to improve the metabolism and regulate the build up of LDL (low density lipoprotein). [1] 
  • Green tea – studies suggest that this natural remedy may show benefits in promoting the physiological balance of weight and body fat distribution. [2]
  • Neopuntia – studies suggest that this natural remedy may help by improving metabolism and digestive process. [3] 
  • Commiphora mukul Guggul gum resin – studies suggest that this natural remedy is believed to work on lipid metabolism. [4] 
  • Allium sativum – studies suggest that this natural remedy may be helpful to naturally detox the body and increase the metabolic rate. [5] 
  • Trigonella foenum graceum methi seeds – studies suggest that this natural remedy may help to overcome the excess fat naturally. [6] 
  • Piper nigrum kalimirchi fruit – studies suggest that this natural remedy is believed to improve the metabolic process of the body. [7] 
  • Clerodendrum phlomidis – studies suggest that this natural remedy may help to regulate the basic metabolic rate and reduce the stress on the endocrine systems. [8] 
  • Asphaltum Shudha Shilajit – studies suggest that this natural remedy is believed to maintain a healthy lipid metabolism and hepatic activities too. [9] 

Dietary Tips For Obesity:

  • Use whole grains in your diet than the refined grains. Whole grains retain all the nutrients which are washed off in the refining process. Whole grains like wheat, bajra, ragi must be included in your diet.

  • Use of whole dals is also beneficial than the washed dals. Rajma and chana dals are highly nutritious. 
  • Avoid eating red meat, instead go with lean meat like chicken and fish. 
  • Eat heavy seasonal vegetables. They provide both soluble and insoluble fibres in addition to vitamins, minerals and antioxidants.
  • Avoid eating junk food, Trans fatty foods like fries, burgers, pasta, noodles, etc. 
  • Sugar intake must be less than 10% of the total daily caloric intake. 
  • Three balanced meals a day are a necessary key in managing dietary management.

Natural remedies for obesity are a combination of Homeopathic formulations, Ayurvedic herbs, and dietary supplements. These natural supplements with an improved lifestyle and adequate diet can help to address all the aspects of obesity and related issues. Biogetica combines all these natural remedies to target obesity from its root cause so that the effects will last for a long period of time. All the Biogetica products are strongly backed with clinical data from Ayurveda and Homeopathy and are supported by modern research and trials.

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