Top 5 Stages of Alcoholism

Alcoholism is an addiction caused by psychological and physiological imbalances due to which a person has cravings, loss of self control and physical dependence. Alcoholism progresses in 5 stages.


In the first stage, a person experiments with alcohol. Most people have consumed it in the past and they begin to drink more often and in larger quantities. It is the initial stage and one has to realize the motivation for drinking at this stage. Do you drink to reduce stress? Do you drink out of frustration? Do you drink to reduce anxiety? Do you drink to get rid of pain? If you assess the reason, it is easier   to take remedial measures and avoid the complications of an addiction.

The second stage of alcoholism is said to set in when a person feels that he or she needs to drink more and more alcohol to have the same effect. A person may start with one or two drinks and slowly up the pegs. Some people drink alcohol to calm their nerves before facing a challenging or difficult task. A person may experience guilt at this stage and consequently may start hiding his or her habit of drinking from others. He or she may also find it difficult to resist the urge of drinking at this stage if alcohol is available.

In the third stage, a person is almost addicted to alcohol and has telling effects on his or her life. One may have to face the problems that arise due to consumption of excess alcohol. The problems include family disputes, relationship problems, depression, etc. A person may experience insomnia or sleep problems. The family members may also start questioning the individual about his or her addiction.

In the fourth stage, a person becomes completely dependent on alcohol. A person does not have any control on drinking. Alcohol drinking becomes the main priority. If one does not drink alcohol, he or she may suffer from alcohol withdrawal symptoms. A person at this stage is so used to drinking that he or she may no longer hide this habit of frequently consuming alcohol. A person may suffer from physical symptoms such as redness of face, weight gain or loss and bloating.

The last stage or stage five is complete addiction. A person becomes physically and psychologically dependent upon it. It becomes necessary for a person to drink to function normally. A person needs alcohol at frequent intervals and it may result in harmful situations such as drinking and driving. At this stage, a person may suffer from health problems such as liver damage, heart problems, malnutrition, and mental diseases. Depression and anxiety also increases and this may drive a person to attempt suicide.


Alcohol dependence is a vicious cycle and can drastically alter a person’s life. However, it is possible to recover from alcoholism at any stage. The sooner a person recognizes the need for help; the better are his or her chances for recovery. It is important to choose the right treatment at the right time to make your life better. Since Alcohol affects the mind, body and emotions; it is important to adopt a holistic approach that is directed at not only easing withdrawal symptoms but also obtaining freedom from all manifestations of dependence. Natural products, herbs and nutritional supplements may help in detoxifying your liver, cutting cravings, replenishing nutrients and stabilizing your emotions. Biogetica uses natural solutions that amalgamate the best resources of nature to balance your emotional, mental and physiological responses, supply your body with essential vitamins, minerals and nutrients depleted due to excessive alcohol consumption, help restore impaired metabolic, digestive and assimilative processes, facilitate elimination of toxins from your liver, help soothe your nerves and promote positive emotional and mental changes that help control cravings.

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