This Polyherbal ayurvedic formulation is traditionally believed to help reduce fat, lipids, and appetite naturally. The herbs present in the formulation potentially possess thermogenic agents that affect the body's metabolism and increase its ability to burn fat.

Each ingredient in the formulation is carefully chosen to promote oxidation of fats and maintain proper functioning of the Digestive system. Thermogenix capsules potentially affect weight loss by:

  • Inhibiting excessive fat accumulation
  • Exhibiting fat burn by increased fat oxidation
  • Improving lipid profile and increasing metabolic rate
  • Optimising metabolic processes to maintain healthy blood glucose levels


Ingredients: Garcinia cambogia(Kokum Fruits) 100mg; Citrus aurantinum(Narangi Fruit peel) 50mg; Piper longun(Pippali Fruit) 15mg; Piper nigrum(Miri Fruit) 15mg; Zingiber officinale(Sunthi Rhizome) 15mg; Coffea arabica(Coffea Seed) 30mg; Commiphora mukul(Guggulu Ext.) 25mg.


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